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Colorado Coaching Credential

Aligned to the Colorado Competencies for Early Childhood Coaches, the Colorado Coaching Credential recognizes coaches who have the foundational skills and dispositions critical for effective coaching. Incorporating 3 Levels, the Coaching Credential provides a professional pathway for entry level coaches to very experienced coaches.   For questions and more information, please contact Sondra Ranum at 303 866-3903 or

Coaching Credential Overview

Coaching Credential Review Process

Definition of Direct Coaching Hours

Coaching Credential FAQ

As you complete your application, please refer to the 
Colorado Competencies for Early Childhood Coaches document.  This document organizes the coaching competencies by credential level.  Some pieces of the application will ask that you use the competencies specific to the credential level you are applying for.

Relationship Based Professional Development Training Options

The EC Regional Coaching Consultants at CDE will provide the Relationship Based Professional Development (RBPD) training  required by the coaching credential at no cost in communities around the state.   This RBPD training covers specific learning objectives focused on Adult Learning and Coaching Skills.  In addition to these offerings, individuals applying for a coaching credential can apply to have previous trainings they've participated in apply toward this requirement and Trainers can apply to have their coaching trainings approved to meet this requirement.  

Individuals may include the following applications with their Coaching Credential application:

Individuals and Organizations who provide training to coaches and would like to apply to have their training approved to meet the Relationship Based Professional Development training requirement for the credential can use the following application:

In addition to the options above, documented completion of any of the following trainings as of July 31st, 2015 will meet the requirement for Relationship-Based Professional Development training at all levels of the Colorado Coaching Credential.
  • Coaching with the EQ RELATE training
  • Pyramid Plus Coaching Certification
  • Early Childhood Coaching Courses at UC Denver (at least 2 of the 3 courses)
  • Invest in Kids Incredible Years Peer Coach Certification
  • Horizons in Learning Coaching For Success & Sustainable Change Program
  • CDE Coaching to Support Professional Development of Early Childhood Staff in Inclusive Classrooms, Coaches Skill-Building Two Day Workshops
  • Qualistar Colorado Coaching and the Rating training
  • Learning-Focused Mentoring: Consulting, Collaborating and Coaching for Professional Excellence seminar
  • Cognitive Coaching Training
All training and coursework that occurs after July 31st, 2015, must be approved through the application process described above to meet the requirements for the credential, with the exception of the Relationship-Based Professional Development (RBPD) training offered through CDE.  Once a professional development offering is approved, it will be listed below:

  • Using Coaching Skills in Early Childhood Settings (ECED 4410/5410/5800 University of Colorado Denver)
  • Pyramid Plus Coach Certification Institute

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