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The Early Childhood Coaching Academy at the University of Colorado Denver is a unique and cutting-edge opportunity. This is the only academy offered by a university in the U.S. that is both specific to early childhood and teaches universal coaching strategies. There are many coaching programs, but most focus on how to coach a specific curriculum or assessment tool. The coaching skills and dispositions learned in these modules can work seamlessly and in coordination with various curriculum approaches or instructional practices. Coaching is a relationship-based process and a proven strategy to increase program quality and adult effectiveness in early childhood settings.The Coaching Academy benefits professionals who are teachers, coaches, program directors, principals, family home child care providers, early interventionist or itinerant special education staff, PD providers, and home visitors or family service providers.
Module 1 Coaching Early Childhood Professionals: Foundations
The Foundations module focuses on learning, understanding, and using relationship- and evidence-based coaching skills and strategies in early childhood settings. Participants practice the fundamentals of coaching using a systematic, individualized, reflective approach, and through sharing experiences with others in class, during online Zoom sessions and in fieldwork. May be converted to credit as ECED 4410/5410
Term offered: Fall 2019 Instructor: Kristen Klaassen
Weekends on site: Sep 6-7, 2019 and Oct 25-26, 2019; 4:30–8:30 PM & 8 AM–4 PM; 
Zoom Sessions: 4-6 PM, Aug 26, Oct 7, Nov 11, 2019
Module 2 Coaching Early Childhood Professionals: Awareness
The Awareness module focuses on increasing coaches’ skills at introspection, thoughtful planning, intentional application of coaching knowledge and skills, and continuous improvement. Participants integrate skills with effective application in class and real life coaching experiences, managing progress and accountability. May be converted to credit as ECED 4420/5420
Term offered: Spring 2020 Instructor: Janet Humphryes
Weekends on site: Jan 24-25, 2020 and Mar 27-28; 4:30–8:30 PM, 8 AM–4 PM
Zoom Sessions: 4-6 PM, Jan 13, Feb 10, Apr 13, 2020
Module 3 Coaching Early Childhood Professionals: Attuning
The Attuning module integrates skills from the Foundations and Awareness modules to complete the EC Coaching Academy. Participants practice refining and altering coaching based on needs and readiness, while learning sustainable, organizational change that embeds coaching in all professional practice. May be converted to credit as ECED 4430/5430
Term offered: Summer 2020 Instructor: Geri Mendoza
Weekends on site: May 29-30, 2020 and July 24-25, 2019; 4:30–8:30 PM, 8 AM–4 PM
Zoom Sessions: 4-6 PM, May 18, June 22, Aug 1, 2020

Three professional development modules at $833 (non-refundable) per module (minimum 20 participants is required to offer each module). Nine graduate or undergraduate credits available for an additional cost of $345 per 3 credits. No previous coaching experience needed!
Academy Structure
Each module meets in Denver (location TBA) over two weekends, Friday evening (4:30-8:30PM) and all day Saturday (8AM-4PM). In addition, each module meets virtually via Zoom for four 2-hour sessions. Participants must have a reliable internet connection and a computer with a camera. Coaching fieldwork is also required. We strongly recommend that these modules be taken in sequence.
Related Programs
The optional earned credits may be applied toward a CU Denver BA or MA. (Consult with your advisor in advance if you are concerned about degree applicability.)
Contact Us:  CPE 303-315-5000
Now enrolling for Fall 2019
“I want to thank you for such an eye (and heart) opening experience throughout the last several months! I don’t think I got what I expected out of the courses. I did get more out of it than I even knew I could. There is no way to logically explain the benefit of this experience for me to others because truly a person has to experience it for themselves and will be forever changed after they do!” Elissa (Student Cohort 2018-19). 
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